Activate Flashlight Tutorial for Android 6 and iPhone 6

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Any smart device that comes with a LED camera flash can be used as a Flashlight or Torch. While older versions required specialized apps to be downloaded from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store, newer models come with the feature built in. In this article, the Tech Exploring team will show you the quickest ways for users to activate flashlight or torch without the use of additional apps on both Android and iOS devices.

Flashlights, How Do They Work?

We have been receiving several similar questions ever since our website started. Worry not, the Tech Exploring team will explain everything users need to know about how to use Flashlight on Android and iPhone.

The primary camera, otherwise known as the back camera, usually comes equipped with a decently powerful flash. This flash is, in fact, a bright, cold white LED. Operating systems on smartphones and tablets can now use the LED, as an impromptu or substitute torch. The added utility allows most mobile users to navigate unlit terrain, look for items in dark spaces, or to signal somebody from afar, especially at night.

boy with flashlight in a cave

Myth Busted

All in all, having a handy device with an activate flashlight option is very useful. Many users, however, believe that they risk compromising the actual health of the device or of the battery if they use it for prolonged periods of time.

Most devices suffer almost no direct strain from the activate Flashlight process. Nevertheless, it is true that the LED does generate enough heat over time to warm up the average phone or tablet. However, unless the device was already having heating issues, the heat generated by the flashlight can be considered negligible.

When the chipset or battery overheat, a device reaches much higher temperatures. And much like desktops and laptops, phones and tablets are by default programmed to forcefully turn off or reboot if they reach unsafe temperatures.

Torches and Batteries

If the torch is left on for more than 15 minutes, however, both the increased usage and the heat can affect the battery. Furthermore, in regards to the battery use, although appearing much brighter and stronger than the screen, the LED light does not consume as much battery life as an AMOLED screen at 70% brightness.

Many people believe that the LED and flash are battery hogs due to the fact that smart devices will not take pictures or record videos with flash if they have less than 15 percent battery life. This inconvenience was actually designed with the user’s overall safety in mind.

Using both the camera and the flash can cause spikes in power consumption and may cause the battery to quickly drain. A phone without power cannot be used to make emergency calls.

In truth, with a display set to 0% brightness and with the activate flashlight setting on, most phones with a full battery can last over three hours. Tablets can last even longer.

Repeated prolonged use in this manner, however, will definitely shorten the battery’s lifespan.

NOTE: LED Flashlights are very strong at short range! Please do not stare into the LED Flashlight while toggling it on or off. Make sure that the LED is not pointed directly towards the face of any other person or animal, especially at a short distance.

How To Activate Flashlight On iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S have a very accessible flashlight toggle. Going up and down flights of stairs without a light source is no longer an issue and neither is looking for keys under the couch.

Apple logo
Step 1

From the bottom bezel of the iPhone, swipe up to bring the Control Center to focus.

Step 2

In the Control Center, the Flashlight icon is by default located in the lower left corner.

Step 3

Tap the Flashlight icon to activate flashlight. Tap again to deactivate it.

Activate Flashlight iPhone 6

NOTE: While the flashlight is on, attempting to use the camera for photos or videos may result in the crash of both the camera and flashlight apps, even if the LED flash option is turned off.

NOTE: Siri currently does not have the ability to turn on the Flashlight. The feature was present in the past with users required to download a separate Flashlight app from the iOS App Store. Activation was done by simply asking Siri to “launch Flashlight” or to “activate Flashlight.” The feature was heavily requested after its removal so there are chances it might make a comeback in an updated version.

How to Activate Flashlight on Android 6 Marshmallow

cute Android logoMethod 1: Using Quick Settings

With Android 6 Marshmallow, the Flashlight app can be accessed through the Notification Drawer.  Out of the three methods, this is the quickest to do every time, with the added bonus of working from the lock screen if the device does not have any added lock security.

Step 1

Double-tap or drag the Status Bar on top of the screen to reveal the Notification Drawer.

Step 2

Double-tap or drag the Notification Drawer to reveal the Quick Settings. The Flashlight should be available as one of the Quick Settings buttons by default.

Step 3

Tap the Flashlight button to activate flashlight. Tap a second time to deactivate.

quickly activate flashlight android

NOTE: If the Flashlight button is not available by default as a button in quick settings, it can easily be enabled. From the Notification Drawer, tap the cog between the battery and the profile image to go to Settings. In Settings, go to Personal -> Notifcation Drawer -> Quick Settings Panel -> Select And Order Titles. Add the Flashlight button and feel free to drag it to the most accessible location on the Quick Settings bars.

Method 2: Using Widgets

The Samsung Galaxy S4 active Flashlight Widget was one of the first to be available to Android users. The Widget can be listed under several names, such as Assistive Light, Flashlight or Torch.

Step 1

On the main screen, long-press on any empty area  until the configuration menu slides into view.

Step 2

In the configuration menu, tap the Widgets button.

Step 3

In Widgets, look for the Flashlight Widget. While it can have other names, the icon is usually either a flashlight or a light-bulb.

NOTE: If there are several Flashlight widgets, the main difference between them is the size they occupy on the main screen.

Step 4

Drag the Flashlight Widget to the main screen. Feel free to drag it to the most accessible location, as display space permits.

Step 5

Tap the Flashlight Widget to activate flashlight. Tap a second time to deactivate.

android flashlight widget

NOTE: Some Android devices do not come with a Flashlight Widget by default. There are several very efficient third party widgets available on the Google Play Store. Neither Method 1, nor Method 3 require a Widget to function, however, so unless users are keen on using the widget, they can always activate flashlight with the other two methods.

Method 3: Using Google Now

Full disclaimer, this method is the Tech Exploring favorite, ever since we found out how it worked.

Step 1

Say “Ok Google”.


Tap the microphone icon in the Google search bar, or the Voice Search app or widget.

Step 2

Once the “Ok Google” voice analyzer pops up, say “Activate Flashlight” or “Turn on the Flashlight.” Prompt “Ok Google” again and then say “Deactivate Flashlight’ or “Turn off Flashlight” when done.

NOTE: For extra style points users can also say “Go Go Gadget Flashlight” to activate the flashlight. Based on individual user frequency of Google Now, this voice command does not always initially work. If it did not work the first time, just type “Go Go Gadget Flashlight Google Now Command” in the search bar and after the search is complete, prompt “Ok Google” and try saying it again.

flashlight on printscreen

The Tech Exploring team hopes that our tutorial on how to activate Flashlight will shed some light on this very useful feature now easily available on the Android and iPhone.

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