5 Best Alternatives to Skype

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An increasing number of users are looking for the next best alternatives for Skype. They want additional features, a more flexible and reliable service, cheaper price rates for VoIP international calls to phones. If you are in this situation, then our list of suggestions for the next best alternatives to Skype will surely meet your standards. Every Skype alternative on our list has a robust call service, dedicated features, and user-friendly interfaces.

The following messaging services will be ranked based on the capabilities of their audio, video and text chat systems, the number of supported platforms, their standout features and their pricing rates. The determining factor in the ranking of the following services will be the maximum number of participants in a conference call, and other useful chat features. We will mainly focus on the free version of each service while still mentioning any paid plans if available. In our list you will find Skype alternatives for Android, iOS, or PC.

5. WeChat

Alternatives to Skype - WeChat main webpage

WeChat is free messaging service from Tencent, a China-based company. It offers cross-platform support for all major desktop and mobile systems including BlackBerry and Symbian. Potential users have the option to either download the installer, or use the web-based app by scanning the QR code. Its text, voice and video chat systems is simplistic and reliable. One of the app’s biggest drawbacks has recently been resolved with the launch of WeChat Out that enables calls to landlines and mobile phones.

Unique features:

  • Moments: for taking and sending photos and videos to other users or post them on their profile.
  • Meet New Friends: use People Nearby, Shake and Friend Radar to meet other people.
  • Drift Bottle: users can send a message that “floats” until someone can find it.
  • Better Privacy: users can control their level of privacy.

The fact that it only supports up to 9 people in a conference call lands WeChat on our last position of our ranking.

4. Google Hangouts

skype alternatives Google Hangouts video conference

Google Hangouts has all the same basic functionalities as Skype. These include text, audio and video chat systems between users. They can also send each other photos, videos, and emoji. One of the best things about Hangouts is that you don’t need to download and install a client to use it.  You only need to have a Gmail or Google+ account. Not to mention that operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux Ubuntu, Android or iOS do not impose any limits for the service. Google’s alternative to Skype can match Microsoft’s product in almost all aspects. However, if you are not from US or Canada, you will have to pay for VoIP calls to landlines or mobile phones. You can consult Google’s calling rates for each country.

Unique features:

  • Group chat:  forms groups to chat with up to150 people.
  • Google Voice account integration: for phone calling, SMS texting and voicemail.
  • Chat sync: receive your messages across all supported devices.
  • Texting: receive both SMS and MMS on the app.

A well-rounded offering of features and call capabilities make Hangouts one of the best alternatives to Skype. However, it takes the second to last place on our list because it only supports up to 10 people in a video conference call. 

3. ooVoo

Alternatives to Skype  ooVoo messaging app

ooVoo has quite an impressive user base of over 150 million registered accounts for an independent video chat and messaging app. The service is available on all major platforms. However, it requires the download of an installer. Users can send GIFs, emojis, pictures and videos even during a video call. As with all other messaging services, user-to-user calls are free, while international VoIP calls require a fee.

Unique features:

  • Adress Book, WhatsApp & Facebook integration: you can invite your friends to a video chat even if they don’t have the app installed.
  • SuperClear: a feature that automatically adjusts to your connection speed to avoid dropped calls.
  • ooVoo Everywhere: cross-platform and device support.

ooVoo takes the third place on our list as it only allows up to 12 people in a conference call. If you are fine with this limit, then ooVoo is one of the top alternatives to Skype.

2. Voxox

Alternatives to Skype Vexox main webpage

Voxox is one of the many alternatives to Skype that boasts an impressive array of features. It combines voice and video calls with instant messaging, SMS and fax sharing. It’s text chat features are slightly more limited than Hangouts and Skype, and also requires to download an installer. Voxox is only available on Android, iOS and Windows. It allows users to freely call each other on the app. However, you need to pay to make international calls to non-users such mobile and landline phones with calling rates which vary by location.

Unique features:

  • Personal Assistant: for enhanced call screening and routing, instant language translation, and visual voicemail.
  • Cloud Phone: answers, routes, and manages calls.
  • Hosting: locally hosted VoIP phone system.
  • SIP Trunking: reduces your phone and Internet costs with competitive rates for voice and data plans.

Voxox occupies the second position on our ranking thanks to its versatility, business-friendly features, and the fact that up to 20 people can join in a conference call.

1. Viber

Skype alternative Viber main webpage

Viber is a comprehensive Skype alternative. It has a user-friendly interface, and you can even start using the app with just your phone number, no username, and no login required. Besides the standard voice, video and text chat services, you can also share images and files, draw doodles, and send stickers. As per the industry’s standard, you can consult the calling prices for mobile and phones.

Unique features:

  • Unsend: delete a message even after it was sent.
  • Group Chats: text-based chat with up to 200 participants.
  • Trusted Contacts: you can authenticate your contact to avoid any attacks.
  • Secured Communications: Viber is automatically using an end-to-end encryption.

Our number one pick for the best alternatives to Skype allows up to 40 people in a conference call. This feature makes it one of the best alternatives to Skype for business.


All of our suggested alternatives to Skype provide an excellent service. However, if you want a reliable call system with enhanced security, versatile chat system and with the capacity of having as much people in a conference as possible, then Viber is our recommended messaging app. If you want to delete your Skype account, the process may be tricky. To see the steps, take a look at our guide on how to delete a Skype account. Let us know in the comments below what Skype alternative are you using, and why.

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