Top 5 Battery Saver App Options in 2016

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Without any huge improvements in the performance of current batteries, apps that claim to improve the battery life of your phone and tablet have gained in popularity and number. This article will help you navigate the flooded market of these type of apps. Our list of battery saver app suggestions for Android is sure to help you find a way to prolong the autonomy of your device.

The review of each showcased app will focus on the price and functions of each app as well as on their special features. Our recommendations will be ranked based on a combination of the rating received on the Google Play Store and their overall performance in improving battery life.

5. GO Battery Saver & Power Widget

Go battery saver store page

GO Battery Saver & Power Widget is, as its name entails, a battery saver app which is free for everyone to install. The app offers a very simple, intuitive and efficient way of optimizing your battery’s life. Users have a wide variety of customization options even for battery saving preset modes. It assigns a score to your battery to determine what apps you can disable to extend its life.

Special features

  • Power widget: a simple yet informative widget with a personalized design.
  • Oneclick optimization: allows users to quickly and collectively clear all background clutter for more memory and save battery life at the same time.
  • Charging maintenance: it keeps the phone’s charging process safe and healthy.
  • Pre-shutdown notice: the app can indicate how much battery you’ll save by closing the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other functions.

Go Battery Saver has an average rating of 4.3 stars from a total of 288,154 reviews with over 185,330 users rating as a five start app.


4. Greenify

Greenify menu

Greenify is a battery saver app that is extremely useful when you have a lot of power-hungry apps and few RAM to run them all. The app’s main function is to automate the hibernation process of apps. The background activity of your current unused apps is suspended. It starts only when you launch an app. The standard version of Greenify is free. However, for more specialized users there is pro version which requires knowledge of ROOT and adds some experimental features for $1.

Special features:

  • Aggressive doze: you can set your phone to start hibernating after a few minutes since you stopped using it.
  • Shallow hibernation: users can just suspend not stop background functions.
  • Near-zero consumption: unlike most battery saving apps, Greenify actually saves you more power than it consumes thanks to its low requirements.

Greenify averages a rating of 4.4 stars on the Play Store, with almost 150,000 five-star reviews from a total of 226,615.

3. Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver app screenshot

With their battery saving app, Avast, the well-known antivirus company is throwing its hat into the ring of battery-saving solutions. Although it does not have the most impressive features on the market, the app does one job and does it well. It provides a quick, intuitive, and very easy way to prolong your battery life. It features a central hub for the main battery concerns of most users. The app provides a few more advanced features like customization options and presets if you have the time to go through its settings. Similar to its security software, Avast Battery Saver is free to download on the Play Store.

Special features

  • Activity alerts: receive notifications regarding your phone’s battery and performance levels.
  • Stop apps: launch the app and press the stop button for an immediate boost in noticeable performance and battery life.
  • Pre-configure profiles: the app lets users easily customize 5 profiles which can change automatically if you’re at work or at home, for example.

Avast Battery Saver is enjoying a well-earned 4.4 stars average rating on the Play Store. More than 136.096 people out of 209.656, gave it five stars for its performance.

2. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor screenshot

Despite its unoriginal name, Battery Doctor excels at its job as a battery saver app. It’s free for download with a wide variety of features such as killing apps when the screen is off, a unique three stage charging system, battery temperature display, scheduling options, and more. Battery Doctor is more than a quick and easy battery saving solution thanks to its charging features. They protect your device from the various issues that might arise during charging.

Special features

  • 1-tap power optimization: stop the background process of various apps with just one tap.
  • Charge master: offers users a way to monitor the charging status of their device.
  • Smart use: see how your battery life is affected by various actions like playing games or browsing the internet.
  • Power Widget: quick and easy access to the most popular settings.

With so many excellent features, it’s 4.5 stars rating doesn’t come as a surprise. From a total of over 8 million reviews on the Play Store, Battery Doctor manages to have 5,826, 634 five star reviews.

1. DU Battery Saver

Du battery saver screenshot

The DU Battery Saver app is the best combination of a great and simplistic interface design with a wide variety of features and functions. First of all, its customizable battery power management modes allow users flexibility and improved performance at the same time. Second of all, the app also includes a charging monitor to keep your battery safe and healthy by avoiding overcharging with more precise information. Its intuitive app interface coupled with a simple and function-packed widget make the DU Battery Saver app an essential tool for anyone plagued with battery problems. The free version of the app comes with enough features to satisfy the demands of most users. However, the pro version costs only $3 and comes with the automatic clearing of background apps.

Special features

  • Smart pre-set modes: customize and schedule the different preset modes available.
  • Phone cooler: the app monitors, manages and disables all the CPU-intensive apps that you aren’t currently using to lower your device’s temperature. This keeps it healthy and safe.
  • One-Click Optimization: the industry standard for quickly improving battery life and device performance. It also unlocks advanced settings for even more energy savings.

DU Battery saver is not only one of the best app to solve all your energy problems but one of the most popular as well. It averages a 4.5 star rating from a total of 11, 860,158 with over 8,5 million users giving five stars.


After a careful review of all the previous battery saver app suggestions we have presented, we can conclude that the DU Battery Saver is the best one. The feature-packed app combines great functionality with excellent design. It provides a simple way to improve your battery performance without omitting any advanced features. This makes it perfect for both casual and advanced users.

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