5 Best FaceTime for Android Alternatives

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If you have googled FaceTime for Android and stumbled upon this article, then you should know that Facetime is an iOS only app and thus it’s not available on Android. Fortunately, you can enjoy the basic functionality of Facetime on Android thanks to the myriad of free video calling apps.

In this article, we’ll showcase a list of some of the best apps for Android to make video calls to your friends, family and whoever else you may want to. We’ll rank the apps foremost on their video calling functionality and how many people you can chat with at once. We will also consider their audio and text capabilities, special features and ease of access. All of our suggestions are free to download and offer HD video calls.

FaceTime for Android Alternatives

Before we get started on our list of suggestions, it’s important to know that Facetime comes preinstalled on iOS devices. This removes the need for you and your friends to install a third-party app, which facilitates communication as everybody with an iPhone already has FaceTime. This is not the case with Android devices as they do not have an integrated app for video calls.

5. Google Duo

Google Duo Play Store

We’re starting our list with Google Duo. This is a new app that isn’t as widely known as other suggestions on our list. However, what it lacks in popularity, it makes up by simplifying the video call process. Google Duo is designed for only one thing, one-on-one video calls only on phones. Google emphasized ease of access and simplicity above all, when they designed the app.

If it would come preinstalled on Android devices, then it would be the perfect FaceTime for Android alternative. Unfortunately, it does not as you still need to download and install it. Video calling only with only one person at a time and only on phones can be a frustrating limitation. For these reasons, Google Duo is in the last place on our list.


  • Simple interface: video calling is as simple as selecting a contact and calling it.
  • Knock Knock: you can see the caller before you decide to start the video call thanks to the live preview function.
  • Cross-platform: Google Duo is available on both iOS and Android and allows you to chat with friends on both platforms.

4. Viber

Viber Play Store page


Viber is one of most popular video calling apps on Android and other major platforms. The mobile version of the app instantly integrates with your contacts list so you can chat with your friends on Viber even without an account. It’s robust call service, be it video or just audio is complemented by a variety of texting features such as stickers, emoji, and more.

Unlike Google Duo, Viber allows up to 40 participants in a conference call while still having an accessible interface. All these features are what makes Viber a great Facetime for Android alternative.


  • Unsend: allows for users to delete a message from a conversation even after it was sent.
  • Games: the app features a few games you can play with your friends or against them.
  • Trusted contacts: automatically authenticates all your contacts and calls with end-to-end encryption.
  • Enhanced chat: use stickers, drawings, and more to personalize your conversation, make them public or hide them from your messaging screen.

3. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts Play Store

The third place on our list is another excellent FaceTime for Android replacement from Google. The best thing about Hangouts is that all you need to start a video call is a Google account. It’s available as a web-based app on all desktop platforms besides iOS and Android.

Hangouts allows up to 10 users in video conference call. Considerably less than its competitors, but still plenty for most users. Besides it’s video calling features, the app offers a versatile messaging system and sync options across all devices.


  • Offline messaging: you can send texts to your friends anytime you want even if they are offline.
  • Rich text system: use stickers, emoji, GIFs, photos, videos, and maps during your conversation.
  • Group chat: Hangouts allows user to create chat groups of up to 150 people.

2. Skype

Skype Play Store page


Skype is an incredibly popular video call service which makes it easy for to find the people you want to chat with. It’s excellent call quality coupled with cross-platform support allows users to keep in touch with friends no matter what device they are using. This feature is complemented by Skype’s support of up to 25 people in a video conference call.

All you need to use Skype is at least a Microsoft account, which all Windows users should have. This feature coupled with a simple to use interface, makes it very easy for people to join and start a video call with their friends and family. Not to mention the versatile text and file transfer systems that make Skype our number two FaceTime for Android replacement.


  • Screen share: share your screen with everyone in a group call.
  • Enhanced sharing: users can transfer every type of file.
  • HoloLens add-in: this feature is exclusive to users who own a HoloLens. It allows them video chat on Skype using 3D holograms.

1. Facebook Messenger

Messenger Play store page


If what you want most from a FaceTime for Android alternative is a massive user base to easily find and call your friends, then look no further than Facebook’s Messenger app. Nowadays, you can barely find someone without a Facebook account. All they have left to do to start a video call is to install the app.

Besides its feature-packed text system, Messenger has recently started to allow video group calls of up to 50 people. You can keep in touch across with your friends across all mobile platforms. Messenger provides a high-quality call service on every device complemented by a great photo and video sharing system.


  • External messaging: message people in your address book by entering their phone number in Messenger.
  • Chat heads: keep the conversation going while video calling with other people or when using another app.
  • Rich text system: record your video and audio calls and forward them to other people. Personalize them with stickers and emoji.


This concludes our list of suggestions for the best FaceTime for Android alternative. We’ve showcased five of the best apps we could find that match or surpass the functionality of FaceTime. We have ranked them based on the number of participants in a conference call and their user base. Based on this criteria, we found that Facebook Messenger tops all other Android apps.

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