Blog VS Website – Which is More Profitable?

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People who want to make money off advertising on their website often put this question to online marketing experts. The answers most experts give vary from ‘it’s your personal preference’ to ‘blogs are easier to update’ however the million dollar answer that newbies are looking for is which one is easier to run, optimize and ultimately make money off, of course with an explanation.

How websites work?

Now one of the biggest hurdles as a person who is just starting out is the fact that you may not have the technical abilities or expertise to design and upload a website to your domain. Yes there are quite a few places from where you can purchase a website but each time you need to add to content to it, you may have to design a new page or at the very least have a program such as Dreamweaver to add content to your website and upload the page to your domain.

The problem with a website is that updating it can be a nightmare and because you are making money of advertising adding more content is necessary. It really goes without saying that the more pages you have the more ads you have and hence the more money you will make. But this is something that having a website can be difficult.

Get the edge with WordPress

WordPress is one of the most common and easy to use blogging platforms that there is today. When you use wordpress you just can’t go wrong. The beauty of using WordPress as your blogging platform is that you can use any number of free and paid plugins to extend the functionality of your blog. If you are designer you can also design your WordPress blog to look more like a website, hence making your website more professional.

Adding images, videos, additional pages and even deleting pages and posts is as simple as a few mouse clicks. If you decide to change the design of your website a few months later all you have to do is to just upload it to your domain and change the theme, everything else remains the same, and this is obviously something you cannot do with a website. With ad rotation plugins, and plugins that allow you to place adwords ads on your website you can get up and running in mere minutes.

So to answer your question…yes a blog definitely helps making money easier!

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