Best Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts for Easier Navigation

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Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers around thanks to its performance and various features. However, one other reason for its popularity is that it has a high number of keyboard commands which can increase your efficiency and productivity. Our guide on Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts will features some of the most common and useful commands. The shortcuts will be divided in four categories: tab and window shortcuts, Google Chrome feature shortcuts as well as address bar and webpage shortcuts.

It is worth mentioning that our guide will focus only on showcasing Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Linux. These are the two most popular platforms for users who use Google’s browser. If by any chance you are using a Mac and prefer Chrome instead of the Safari browser, then we recommend checking Google’s support page for Mac shortcuts. Another option is to just use the Command key instead of Ctrl when learning the following shortcuts, as it will be the same in most cases.

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Tab & Window Shortcuts

The shortcuts in this category are among the most useful you can learn as they simplify and increase the speed of your internet navigation, especially when you browse a variety of different pages on multiple tabs. If you want to become a better at mutitasking on Google Chrome then we recommend learning as many of these shortcuts as possible.

Action Shortcut
Open a new window Ctrl + n
Open a new window in Incognito mode Ctrl + Shift + n
Open a new tab, and jump to it Ctrl + t
Jump to the next open tab Ctrl + Tab
Jump to a specific tab Ctrl + 1 through Ctrl + 8
Jump to the last tab Ctrl + 9
Open your home page in the current tab Alt + Home
Close the current tab Ctrl + w
Close all open tabs and the browser Ctrl + Shift + w
Minimize the current window Alt + Space + n
Maximize the current window Alt + Space + x
Quit Google Chrome Alt + F4

Google Chrome feature Shortcuts

The following shortcuts will help you better manage and easily switch between the various features of Google Chrome. It’s important to know that although previous shortcurts worked on almost any browser, the next commands can only be used on Chrome.

Action Shortcut
Open the Menu Alt + f or F10
Show or hide the Bookmarks bar Ctrl + Shift + b
Open the Bookmarks Manager Ctrl + Shift + o
Open the History page in a new tab Ctrl + h
Open the Downloads page in a new tab Ctrl + j
Open the Chrome Task Manager Shift + Esc
Open the Find Bar to search the current page Ctrl + f or F3
Jump to the next match to your Find Bar search Ctrl + g
Open the Chrome Help Center in a new tab F1
Log in a different user or go Incognito Ctrl + Shift + m

Address Bar Shortcuts

The next few Chrome keyboard shortcuts allows users to easily and input new web addresses and even switch  between search engines. Once again, the shortcuts only work on Google’s browser, so if you want to maintain your navigation efficiency on other browsers we recommend learning new shortcuts.

Action Shortcut
Use your default search engine Type a search term + Enter
Add www. and .com to a site opened in the current tab Type a site + Ctrl + Enter
Add www. and .com to a site opened in a new tab Type a site + Alt + Enter
Jump to the Address Bar Ctrl + l or Alt + d or F6
Search from anywhere on the page Ctrl + k or Ctrl + e

Webpage Shortcuts

Using the following webpage shortcuts is a great way to facilitate the navigation of a page thanks to the ability to quickly zoom in and out, open several files through the browser as well as modifying any printing options. However, most of these Chrome keyboard shortcuts will also work on various browsers.

Action Shortcut
Open options to print the current page Ctrl + p
Open options to save the current page Ctrl + s
Reload the current page F5 or Ctrl + r
Stop the page loading Esc
Browse clickable items moving forward Tab
Browse clickable items moving backward Shift + Tab
Open a file from your computer in Chrome Ctrl + o + Select a file
Save your current webpage as a bookmark Ctrl + d
Save all open tabs as bookmarks in a new folder Ctrl + Shift + d
Turn full-screen mode on or off F11
Zoom in the page Ctrl and +
Zoom out the page Ctrl and –
Default size of the page Ctrl + 0
Go to the top of the page Home
Go to the bottom of the page End
Delete the previous word in a text field Ctrl + Backspace
Open the Home page in the current tab Alt + Home


This concludes our guide on the most useful Chrome keyboard shortcuts you should know if you want to become more productive and efficient in your use of Google’s popular browser. While there other keyboard shortcuts for Chrome, we feel that they are either too specialized to be commonly used or they just don’t allow for an easier and faster navigation.

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