How to Clear Safari Cache

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As MacOS evolves and adapts to technological trends, Safari keeps up the pace. But even with an optimal Mac browser such as Safari, Apple users still need to clear Safari cache from time to time. Clearing the cache in Safari in MacOS X on computers and devices has changed. This article shows you how to clear Safari cache over several Mac devices and versions. Apart from this, we will also be going over why it is sometimes necessary to do so.

How to Clear Safari Cache on Desktop and Laptop

As part of MacOS latest improvements, the option to clear Safari cache has by default been hidden. Nevertheless, once it is revealed and enabled, MacOS X users can easily clear Safari cache without having to also clear searches, cookies, or browser history, unless they opt to do so. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Start the Safari program on the MacOS X desktop or laptop.

Step 2: In the Safari Menu in the upper left corner, go to Preferences.

Step 3: In the Preferences menu, on the top options bar, go to Advanced.

Step 4: Find the Show Develop menu in the menu bar setting, and make sure that it is enabled via the checkbox.

Step 5: Go back to your Safari browser window, pull down the Develop menu, and select “Empty Caches”. After selecting to Empty Caches, allow the MacOS X device a few seconds to finish executing the command.

Notes: When users opt to clear Safari cache, the action cannot be undone. All previously locally stored web caches will be removed from Safari.

Currently, there is no form of notification implemented to allow the user to know that they have successfully managed to clear Safari cache. The clearing process is usually quite expeditious, usually taking between 6 and 8 seconds. The process permanently removes all the data in the Safari cache.

How to Clear Safari Cache Using the Keyboard Shortcut

Users of the MacOS X can clear cache in Safari at any time by using the keyboard shortcut. The browser still needs to be running. The keyboard shortcut is Command+Option+E.

Just like with the menu command, using the keyboard shortcut to clear Safari cache on MacOS X will not display any notification in regards to the process being ongoing or finished.

Note: For Command+Option+E to properly function as a clear Safari cache keyboard shortcut, the Show Develop menu in menu bar Advanced Preferences option in Safari needs to be checked. 

How to Empty Safari Cache on iPad and iPhone

On the iPad and iPhone the process to clear Safari cache is in no way too different or more complicated than it is on desktop or laptop. Safari’s settings, however, are not part of the app itself. They have been integrated into the overall Settings app of the device.

Step 1:From the Home screen of the iPad or iPhone, launch the Settings app.

Step 2In the Settings app, scroll through the categories of options until the Safari category is visible.

Step 3In the Settings app, tap on the Safari category.

Step 4In the Safari category of the Settings app, find the Advanced subcategory.

Step 5: In the Advanced Safari settings, tap on Website Data.

Note: Website Data lists all the names of the domains and websites which presently have any and all elements stored in the device’s cache. Along with the name of each domain is the summed up occupied storage space.

Step 7In Website Data, scroll to the bottom of the list until the Remove All Website Data button is visible

Step 8: Tap on the Remove All Website Data, read the notification prompt and then tap on Remove Now.

Note: When users are clearing Safari cache on iPad or iPhone, all saved Safari browsing history, and all the saved Safari login information such as username or passwords, as well as all other form data, will be cleared from the mobile device. Safari for iPad or iPhone does not have the same versatility in selecting which information stays and which gets removed as its desktop and laptop counterparts.


Issues in updating Safari cache-stored elements or managing its cache size are a now a rare occurrence. However, technical errors remain a possibility. Cache-clearing is still a fix for many such errors. Emptying Safari cache is an easy process on laptops and desktops. Users can also clear Safari cache using the keyboard shortcut.

On smart devices, users who are clearing cache on Safari can expunge unused data occupying medium to large storage spaces. Unless users opt to manually remove each individual domain except the ones they are interested in, they will lose their saved login information. Currently, there is no white-list feature available to Apple users which can allow them to automatically exclude certain domains or websites when they clear Safari cache. Let us know if you have further questions on how to clear Safari cache.

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