How to Play PacMan on Google

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Google, the most popular internet search browser in the United States, changes their homepage nearly every day. They often offer games and other interactive logos to users for special occasions. For the 30th anniversary of PacMan, Google introduced Google Pacman for browsers.

Although the website has changed their logo display since the anniversary date, the Google Pacman game is still accessible from any computer.

How to Play Google PacMan

Step 1: Go to the Google Pacman web link. The game will load in the middle of the screen, displaying the GOOGLE Pacman board with the word “Google” on display in the middle of the maze.

Step 2: With your cursor, click the gray “Insert Coin” button located directly below the Pacman Google board. This will make the game board flash, then begin the classic Pacman music. The little monsters will begin moving around.

Step 3: Use the arrows on your keyboard to move Pacman from side to side and up-and-down. Collect all of the dots on the board, using the large dots to turn the monsters blue. Eating the monsters when they are flashing blue will increase your score by providing you bonus points.

Step 4: Clearing the entire board will result in a minor flash, loading all the dots back onto the board for you to continue playing. If there are any food icons throughout the board, like the bouncing cherries seen on the bottom right side of the board, you must use your little Pacman to eat them. They will provide bonus points to boost your score.

Step 5: Continue playing as much as you like. Share the game board with friends and family members so they can enjoy the fun classic game as well.

Step 6: Scroll down the website to view other previously used interactive logos. Click on each one to view the information or animation Google created for users.

Google created the Pacman platform for users while keeping in mind that you are still on a web browser. If you minimize the tab to browse another website or file, the game will automatically pause for you and the music will stop. This is one fun game Google offers for users who want to kick back and celebrate the anniversary of a game they have enjoyed for thirty years.

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