How to Do a Google Reverse Image Search on SmartPhone

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Understanding how to do a Google reverse image search is an important, free, and easy to use tool to have. It’s helpful so there’s no need to guess at key words or phrases that may not even send back the results wanted. It can also help with providing images that are similar to the original for a jumping off point in research.

How to Google Reverse Image Search for Android Users

This section goes into Google reverse image search on an Android device. This will not work on an Apple device with the default Safari web browser. It will however, work with the Google Chrome Browser on any device.

1. Touch the picture you want to reverse search to make the picture larger.
2. Hold down on the picture until a white box pops up on your screen. The box will have four options: Download image, Open image in new tab, Search Google for this image, and Share image.
3. Touch the option that says ‘Search Google for this image’.

How to Google Reverse Image Search for Apple Users

This section is how to google reverse image search except for an Apple device. However, this will also work for an Android device.

1. Open the link to the picture you want to reverse image search.
2. Click the dark gray 3-circle symbol located directly underneath the image on the right hand side. A menu with three options should pop up: View original image, Search by image, and Send Feedback. NOTE: On an Android device, there will be an extra option between view original and search by image. This option is View saved.
3. Touch the ‘Search by image’ option.

While there shouldn’t be any problems with this simple but useful tool, Google does offer a support page in case troubles do arise. If anyone is to run into problems of any sort, feel free to ask or simply share your experience with this tool.

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