How to Block Text Messages on Galaxy S3

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone includes a standard messaging application that can send and receive short message service (SMS) texts. If you are receiving high levels of spam messages from certain phone numbers, you can go into the phone’s messaging settings to block all incoming texts from those sources. Here’s how to block text messages on Galaxy S3 devices.

How to Block Text Messages on Galaxy S3

The steps below describe how to block text messages on Galaxy S3 phone to block certain phone numbers.

Step 1: Go to the homescreen on your Samsung Galaxy S3, and launch the “Messaging” application.
Step 2: Press the menu button at the bottom of your phone, and choose “Settings” from the pop-up list that appears on the screen.
Step 3: Scroll down to the “Spam Message Setting” section of the screen, and tap to enable the checkbox next to “Spam Settings.”
Step 4: Tap on the button labeled “Register Number as Spam,” then tap the plus button in the next window that appears. This will pull up the dial-pad buttons on screen.
Step 5: Enter the phone number that you want to block from text messages. Alternatively, you can tap the “Contacts” button and choose a number from your saved address book list.
Step 6: Tap the “Save” button to add the entered phone number or contact to your block list for text messaging.

How to Block Text Messages on Galaxy S3 Conclusion

You can remove a previously entered phone number from your block list at any time through the “Spam Message Setting” menu. You can also disable the service entirely, to allow all text messages to reach your phone. More details on the Samsung Galaxy S3’s messaging application and configuration can be found in the online user manual. Feel free to ask questions or share tips as you make adjustments to the messaging options on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

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