How to Cancel Hulu

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Have you decided to switch to a different streaming service? Do you need to know how to cancel Hulu? Follow this list of steps in order to end your Hulu subscription. Don’t worry about losing the money you have already paid. When your Hulu account is turned off, service will end after the premium you have already paid expires.

How to Cancel Hulu using Windows

You can cancel a subscription to Hulu at any time using a Windows computer by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Open Hulu in your browser.
Step 2: Click the name or picture in upper right hand corner of the page.
Step 3: Select account from drop down menu.
Step 4: Click the cancel subscription button on the lower right side of the page.
Step 5: Watch the short video Hulu will play titled before you cancel.
Step 6: Click terms in order to read terms and condition of cancellation.
Step 7: Acknowledge the terms and condition of cancellation by placing a check mark in the box.
Step 8: Click the cancel button to confirm you still want to cancel your subscription.
Step 9: Wait for the email confirming your subscription has been canceled.
Step 10: Keep the email for your records.

How to Cancel Hulu using Mac

You can also cancel Hulu from a Mac computer through iTunes by following these steps:

Step 1: Open iTunes Store on your Mac computer by clicking the icon.
Step 2: Enter your iTunes username and password at the prompt to continue.
Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the accounts page until you get to settings.
Step 4: Locate subscriptions under the settings menu.
Step 5: Select manage across from subscriptions in order to open the subscriptions menu.
Step 6: Scroll through the subscriptions menu to find the Hulu subscription.
Step 7: Click edit on the right side of the page across from the Hulu subscription.
Step 8: Toggle the Auto-Renewal to the off position.


Follow these simple steps on how to cancel a Hulu subscription. You can visit the help center for assistance. Start by searching for known issues. Click the contact us button if a solution is not available. If you consider switching to Netflix, you can take a look at How to find new movies on Netflix. Be sure to share your experience with us or ask a question.

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