How to Clear Cookies on Mac

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When browsing, websites usually store small files on your computer. These records called cookies are meant to allow the tailoring of scripts to a particular user entering a website. However, you may want to delete these cookies to avoid websites prying on your private information for whatever reasons. Below are ways on how to clear cookies on Mac.

How to Clear Cookies on Mac [Safari Browser]

Deleting cookies on Mac is similar to deleting cookies on other PCs since they all depend on the browser one uses. Below are step-by-step guides on how to remove cookies on Mac when using the Safari browser, commonly used by people.

Step 1: Open your Safari browser
Step 2: There is a menu bar at the top of the screen upon opening the browser. Click on the history tab.
Step 3: Click on the Clear History.
Step 4: Check on the period whose cookies and cache you want to clear.
Step 5: Click the Clear history to finish the process.

However, this procedure will delete not only the cookies but also the history and cache of all the devices logged into your iCloud account.

How to Clear Cookies on Mac [In Chrome]

This guide gives you a manual way of how to remove cookies in the Chrome browser for Mac. To clear cookies on a Mac:

Step 1: Open your Chrome browser.
Step 2: Move to the top right corner of the page and open the menu bar.
Step 3: Look for the history tab and let the mouse hover over it as the list of the history loads.
Step 4: In the new list, click History.
Step 5: Choose the Clear Browsing Data option.
Step 6: Tick on the Cookies, other site and plugin data in the boxes provided.
Step 7: Chrome will prompt you to choose the period for which you want to delete the cookies. Select the time range.
Step 8: Click on the Clear Browsing Data to get the job done.

How to Clear Cookies on Mac [In Firefox]

Some people prefer the Firefox browser on a Mac. Therefore to remove cookies on a Mac in the Firefox browser, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: As always you will have to open the Firefox browser on your Mac.
Step 2: Locate the History button usually located at the menu bar top of the page.
Step 3: Pick on Clear Recent History. You will be provided with a dialog box of the time frame whose history you need to delete.
Step 4: Click on the details arrow.
Step 5: Mark on the Cookies.
Step 6: Click the Clear Now to empty your cookies.
It is healthy to repeat these steps often on your Mac not only for security but also to optimize the speed of operations within your machine. Excess of stored cookies, plug in data and cache can slow down your system and even lead to the malfunctioning of the browser, hence the need to clear cookies on Mac regularly.

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