How to Clear Netflix History

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Privacy is a very important aspect of using technology. However, if you own a Netflix account, you might know that you don’t have a lot of privacy, particularly if you share the account with others. Every movie or TV show you watch becomes part of your viewing history, which anyone who can access the account can view. Perhaps you don’t want your spouse or significant other to see everything you watch. Perhaps you have children and you want to keep more mature viewings out of their reach. Whatever your reason, Netflix does provide a solution for how to clear Netflix history.

How to Clear Netflix History on Your Computer

Step 1: Navigate to and sign in to your account.

Step 2: If you have multiple profiles set up, click on the profile of the main account holder.

Step 3: Click on the drop down arrow next to your name in the top, right corner, and choose Your Account.

Step 4: Scroll down to the MY PROFILE section and click on the option Viewing activity. Alternatively, you can use the link:

Step 5: Click the X next to each title or series name that you want to delete. All of the titles you have watched will be displayed in a list that you can pick and choose from.

How to Clear Netflix History on Mobile Devices

The steps to clear Netflix history on mobile devices is the same as the steps outlined above. Netflix is a self-contained platform; therefore, the steps don’t change from device to device. Additionally, clearing Netflix history on any device clears the history on all devices. You don’t need to worry about clearing the history from your computer and then going through the same steps on your phone or tablet.

Clearing Your Netflix History All at Once

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to clear your entire Netflix history at once. However, this shouldn’t present a problem, as most people only want to hide select shows or movies. Once you clear an item, it can take 24 hours to be removed from your history. Not only will it be removed, but Netflix will no longer use it to make viewer recommendations.

Your Netflix viewing habits can remain private, unavailable for friends and family members to see and judge. Once you successfully implement these steps, you no longer have to worry about prying eyes observing your private viewing habits.

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