How to Contact eBay

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Ebay is a great way to buy and sell products over the internet with limited personal risk. Occasionally, the need to contact customer service arises but the process can be confusing. If you need to know how to contact eBay, here is step-by-step instructions using either a computer or a mobile device.

How to Contact Ebay using Windows or Mac

Contact with eBay customer service can easily be initiated from a Windows computer by following these quick and easy steps:

Step 1: Open a browser on the computer then go to the eBay website.
Step 2: Enter a username and password if the account is not already logged in.
Step 3: Click on the Help & Contact link in the top right corner of the page.
Step 4: Scroll to the bottom of the Help & Contact page then select the blue contact us button.
Step 5: Select the appropriate category from the list of choices displayed on the screen.
Step 6: Choose the topic then subtopic from the displayed list under the selected category.
Step 7: Click the appropriate contact option from the list at the bottom of the page (email, comment box).
Step 8: Present your issue, make sure your contact information is correct, and then click the blue Send button.

How to Contact Ebay using Android or IOS

Ebay can be contacted using either Android or IOS by following a few simple steps listed below:

Step 1: Open the eBay app on any Android or IOS device.
Step 2: Tap the button resembling three underscores in the top left corner of the page.
Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the drop-down menu then select Help & Contact.
Step 4: Locate and click Contact us at the bottom of the displayed menu under Help & Contact.
Step 5: Choose the correct category describing the reason for contacting eBay.
Step 6: Choose from a list of topics displayed under the selected category.
Step 7: Choose a subtopic under the selected topic in the displayed list.
Step 8: Scroll down until the call me option is displayed at the bottom of the page.
Step 9: Choose between call me, call eBay, or Ask the Community.

Ebay Contact Details

For help, contacting customer service may give you a few quick hints. Sometimes choosing the best category to reach the correct support is difficult. Choose the options which best suit your situation.

You can get in touch with eBay using the contact details below, by phone (call via Hangouts), or using their social media channels. For instance, you can send them a message on their Facebook page. An immediate response is not guaranteed, but it is worth trying.


When issues arise, quickly contact eBay customer service for help, using any of the methods listed here. Reading our How to contact Instagram guide might also be useful. Share your experience on how to contact ebay, or leave us a comment below.

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