How to Contact Instagram

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Instagram is a photo and video sharing social network app, and it is one of the most popular social media sites. It has the same format as Facebook, there’s a news-feed, follow and unfollow feature, a like and dislike feature, a direct message feature. But, like all other social media sites sometimes issues arise, such as trouble logging in, downloading Instagram videos, accounts getting hacked, accounts violating Instagram’s policies. In these cases, one needs to know how to contact Instagram.

Unfortunately Instagram doesn’t have contact features such as other companies. There isn’t a phone number or an email address to contact them. However, there are two ways to contact Instagram. This article will tell you how to get in touch with Instagram.

How to Contact Instagram through the Help Center

The Instagram Help Center allows one to report any issues such as broken features, hacked accounts, photos and/or videos that violate Instagram’s policies, harassment and et cetera.

Step 1: Visit the Instagram help center.

Step 2: Determine the issues you need help with.

There are 5 categories in the left sidebar.

Using Instagram covers the Instagram basic such as uploading, one’s profile, direct messaging, and other.

Managing your account covers deleting an account, adding accounts, verifying accounts, and other.

Troubleshooting and Login Help covers any issues of signing in or app issues.

Privacy and Safety Center covers issues of harassment, hacked accounts, photos that violate Instagram policies.

Instagram for Business covers advertisement and linking accounts.

This page also has a search feature above, next to the Instagram logo on the left, making it easier to find help for the problem one is looking for.

Step 3: Select the appropriate category for your issue. It will open a set of sub-categories where you can find the answers to your specific problem.

How to Contact Instagram through Social Media

Once a report is submitted it could take Instagram awhile respond. There are other forms of social media account that one could contact Instagram in.

Step 1: Twitter

Instagram has a verified Twitter page. One could leave a direct message on Twitter, or even send a tweet to @Instagram. A response is not guaranteed, but it’s worth a try.

Remember to state your problem clearly as well as state your account clearly so Instagram can be able to deal with the issues head on.

Step 2: Facebook

Instagram has a verified Facebook page. One can send them a message on Facebook. Even though you might not always receive a reply, it is more likely to hear from them via message than leaving a comment on their timeline.


These are the two methods of contacting Instagram. Both methods may take awhile to get a response from. It’s important to be patient when dealing with Instagram. It’s best to try the first method initially and then wait to try the second method.

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