How to Delete My Spotify Account

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Spotify, the online music streaming service has been catering to millions all over the globe giving its users access to millions of songs for a small fee. Unfortunately, many want a way out of their respective accounts owing to a number of reasons like login problems, end of free subscription, streaming issues or just giving some other music subscription a shot. The reason deleting one’s account becomes a hassle is because Spotify does not allow you to delete your account on your own. So how to delete a Spotify account?

Users have to contact Spotify’s Customer Service and support department to permanently delete their account for good. This post will provide you with a step by step instruction for one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet, “How to delete my Spotify Account”.

How to Delete Spotify Account on Your Computer

1. Access on your browser and access your account by signing in your username and password.
2. The next step is to scroll down the footer to the bottom left hand corner. Click on “about”.
3. Click on the “Contact Form” below the “Customer Service tab. The link leads you to a customer service tab that needs to be filled manually.
4. Click on the “I want to close my Spotify Account Permanently”.
5. You can either choose to give a reason for your deletion of the account or select and click the “I still need Help”.
6. The tab will open to another “Tell us more” tab wherein you can fill the reasons you are deleting your Spotify account.
This will be followed by Spotify taking action on your account (in less than 72 hours) The confirmation message will be reverted with a successful confirmation of your account.

How to Delete Spotify Account on Your Mobile [iPhone]

If you have a subscription running you might want to end your subscription before closing your account.
1. Go to your Itunes or Appstore.
2. Click the View apple ID.
3. The tab opens up the Subscription tab. Click on that.
4. The tab opens up to your subscription which will be displayed on your screen. You can put a stop to that by clicking on it.

Deleting the account on your phone remains pretty much the same. Following the same instructions as was followed while closing the account on your computer. Spotify’s customer department contacts you regarding the account and as you wish to close it, the account is deleted.

Apart from the above instructions, one can always seek help on how to delete Spotify account from Spotify’s official website. One can seek their queries on their community helpline page under:
The team at Spotify makes an effort to answer any queries regarding the deletion of an account or any other specific queries the users might have.

There is also a provision of Spotify’s Contact Form that can be accessed from one’s account before you delete your account. One can retrieve and reactivate their old Spotify account if they have accidentally or deliberately deactivated it. The “Online contact form” lets you solve your queries in case of such incidents.

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