How to Design Online Moneymaking Courses

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One of the best ways to make money online is to teach something that people want to learn and while you may think that almost everything is available there is still a market for a solid course. In the majority of cases internet marketers think that only two types of courses are really money making the first being the money making niche and the second being the health niche. But in fact this is not really the case as there are tons of other niches which are just as good if not better when it comes to helping you make money online.

Some good Ideas!

If you have absolutely no idea of what I’m talking about then here are a few ideas of my own which I know some people are making money off and ranking high for and so this leaves a large open slot for your business to fit in.

  • Self-defense how to course
  • Real stress management techniques
  • How to effectively manage your finances
  • How to earn an online degree without attending college
  • How to do your taxes on by yourself

I think you get the idea…

Some simple keyword research using Google’s own keyword research tool coupled with looking through forums and blogs will give you some idea as to what people want to learn. You need to remember that 80% of people that come online do so to want to learn something new, if they walk away with learning something they will definitely recommend your course/ websites to others and so word can spread like wildfire.

Take your time

Investing time in designing a good course that people walk away from having leant something should be your goal.  Yes! Making money is your obvious target but rushing through designing a course which does not have proper steps and which is hard to follow will mean that you end up with something that is more bust than boom! If you know what I mean!

How much can you expect to make?

That’s a very good question and many people have this on their mind when getting into something like this. The best I can give you on this is that it depends upon how profitable the niche is if you are able to effectively market your product you can expect to make upwards of $1000 a week, easy! But the keyword here is ‘Effective’… you need an effective course and an effective marketing strategy to succeed.

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