How to Find a Hard Cash Niche

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Market Research

In order to make money as an affiliate marketer or even to make money selling your own products you need to first find a niche people are willing and interested spending their money on. While niches such as weight loss and dog training are certainly in high demand these niches can be a huge challenge to budding internet marketers owing to the number of websites targeting these niches. If you really want to make money online you will need to find something that the majority of marketers are not targeting so that it is easier for you to reach your target audience and start making money.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is as much as a part of SEO as it is a part of finding a profitable niche. The idea is to use a number of keywords / terms in order to find what people are looking for the most. For instance you can use keywords such as golf training videos, improve your swing, swimming instructions, self-defense video etc. This will allow you to see the number of people searching for this specific keyword as well as the number of websites targeting this niche.

Which Niche is Better?

In order to find the best niche you can use a mathematical formula to compare and contrast the effort you will need to put in order to make money on that niche. You can divide the number of websites by people searching within that niche.  For instance if there are 80,00,00 websites catering to the niche ‘self-defense ‘ and there are 100,000 people searching the competition value is 0.0125. By using a simple formula in excel you can quickly identify the best and most profitable niches to target.

Market Research

Now that you have shortlisted the most profitable niches the next step is to find out more about these industries. Visit forums and websites to find out what people are talking about and what things people need help with. You then compare that with your own expertise to develop a product that effectively answers their questions or helps them out with what they are asking.


Affiliate marketing online is a science which is best described as being more of a social science. If you are able to tap into people’s desires and offer them exactly what they need you will have absolutely no problem making lots of money.

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