How to Jailbreak iPhone 6 the Easy Way

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Knowing how to jailbreak iPhone 6 enables you to open up the phone to be used across any mobile network. Jailbreaking the iPhone 6 involves accessing the key settings of the phone and changing them to make them more compatible. Following this basic how to jailbreak iPhone 6 guide will let you open your phone to transfer it to any mobile network you choose.

How to Jailbreak iPhone 6 in 9 Easy Steps

Step 1: Turn off the “Find my iPhone” option on your iPhone 6. This is done by going to settings, selecting “iCloud” and clicking on the Find my iPhone option to turn it off. If it is on, it will have a green circle next to it. Click the green circle to move it to the left to disable the program.

Step 2: Turn off the passcode and Touch ID unlock. Go to the Settings option and select “Touch ID & Passcode.” Tape the green area that reads “Turn Passcode Off.”

Step 3: Go back to settings and switch the phone into Airplane Mode.

Step 4: Download Pangu 9 on your windows computer. Jailbreaking your computer involves you downloading a program on a separate system then attaching your phone via the charge cable to the computer.

Step 5: Plug your iPhone 6 into your computer. Load the Pangu program and click the START button in the center of the screen. This will prompt a new window to open, asking if you backed up your device.

Step 6: Click the “Already backup” button to continue. This will begin the jailbreak process. Through the process, your screen will load two apps. These apps, “Pangu” and “WWDC” are both utilized during the jailbreak. Once the process is complete, the device will automatically reboot and ask you to unlock your device and turn on airplane mode.

Step 7: Turn Airplane Mode on using the settings options. The process will continue until the system asks you to run the Pangu app from the Home screen.

Step 8: Run the Pangu app and give access to Photos app once your device asks you to do so. The process will continue until a “Jailbreak completed” notification pops up on your computer desktop. The device will automatically restart, indicating the jailbreak process is complete.

Step 9: Close the Pangu program on your computer, disconnect your phone and continue through the normal setup process on your iPhone 6.

Following these simple steps on how to jailbreak iPhone 6 does not require extensive knowledge of technical devices. It is recommended that you backup all of the data on your iPhone 6 using iCloud or iTunes before you jailbreak the phone. This will ensure that you do not lose any files, photos or contacts during the process. Now that you know how to jailbreak iPhone 6, you are on your way to opening the phone up to switch to a new mobile network.

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