How to Make Money Online As a Reseller

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Reseller programs offer website owners an exciting way to make some extra money on the side without having to invest time and money on building a business from scratch. But before we get into actually making money it is worth understanding what a reseller program is… for those who already know you can skip over to the next paragraph. A reseller program offers other businesses / websites an opportunity to sell their products or services for a commission. So in effect what you are getting is resell rights for those products.

How to start?

This part is not as easy as it may first seem and even though you may be tempted to offer almost every product on your website as a reseller that is strongly ill-advised. What you really need to do is to find good products that reflect the niche of your website so making a sale becomes easier. For instance, if your websites are all about bodybuilding you may want to become a reseller for bodybuilding videos, eBooks, membership sites etc.

The affiliate marketing approach

While many of you may be tempted to approach reselling as an affiliate I wouldn’t personally advise that. It should be said that many affiliate marketers are also good resellers but as someone who is just looking to make some money off their websites or blogs this is not the right approach. Your approach should be more of an adviser to the people visiting your website. Do not try to push them into purchasing anything, just merely say that you recommend ‘whatever product’ but they can use any other product and get the same affect.

Add another section to your website

To make things really appealing you may want to add a section to your website where you have all the products you are reselling. These should then be linked in with the articles you post on your website, which by the way is also good SEO practice. Putting everything in one place means that you will also be able to target shoppers looking for products similar to what you are reselling and when they can read about these products it helps them make up their minds and make a purchase.

Start small

While you may be tempted to rapidly offer more products on your website so that you make more money our advice to you is to start small. Starting small means that you are still able to juggle both your reselling account, and your website without compromising either one. As you begin to gain momentum you can then steadily expand which obviously means that you will be making more money.

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