How to Reset Safari on Mac

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If you own a Mac, you’re probably using Safari as your web browser. It’s normally a responsive and trouble-free program, but sometimes, it will behave in ways you don’t expect. Some common issues include web pages loading incorrectly, sluggishness, or sudden program crashes. To resolve these issues, you’ll need to know how to reset Safari on Mac computers, and this is precisely what we teach you in this article.

How to Reset Safari on Mac

To get Safari running properly again, follow these steps to reset it to default settings.

Step 1: Open Safari as you normally would.
Step 2: Pull down the Safari menu, and choose “Reset Safari”.
Step 3: Choose which settings you would like to include in the reset. The popup menu will include:

  • Clear history – Removes the list of sites you’ve visited
  • Reset Top Sites – Clears the running display of most-visited sites
  • Remove all webpage preview images – Deletes thumbnail images of visited pages
  • Reset all website notification warnings –Removes the list of informational dialog boxes you’ve seen
  • Remove all website data – Deletes cache, cookies, and locally-stored site data
  • Remove saved names and passwords – Resets the browser password store to empty
  • Remove other autofill form text – Removes user-generated list of common form responses
  • Clear the Downloads list – Deletes the files you’ve downloaded
  • Close all Safari windows – Forces any open Safari windows to close

Checking all options will restore installation defaults, and remove all user data. If you would like to try to resolve your issue incrementally, choose the options you’re comfortable with, and complete the process. If you need to, the process can be repeated with additional options checked.

Step 4: Click the “Reset” button.
Step 5: Close Safari and relaunch it to complete the reset.

Now you know how to reset Safari on Mac computers. You may require anything from a selective reset to a full restoration of default settings to resolve your issue. You may try multiple combinations in order to get the best result. If this does not solve your problem, see Apple’s Support Page for additional troubleshooting. Feel free to let us know if this procedure has helped you by leaving comments below.

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