How to Screenshot on Snapchat with Android

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On Android smartphones, pressing the power and home buttons at the same time will capture a screenshot. However, if you are within the Snapchat application, and try to capture a received message, the sender will see a notification of your action. This article describes how to screenshot on Snapchat with Android, and avoid generating a notification on Snapchat.

How to Screenshot on Snapchat with Android

Follow the steps below to use the third-party Apowersoft Screenshot tool to take secure screenshots within Snapchat on Android.

Step 1: Download the Apowersoft Screenshot tool from the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.
Step 2: Launch the Apowersoft Screenshot application once it finishes installing on your phone.
Step 3: Click on the “Start” button in the middle of the screen.
Step 4: Move the “Use overlay icon” to the blue “On” position. This will cause a blue camera button to appear on the right side of your phone’s display as you navigate through other applications, including Snapchat.
Step 5: Go to your homescreen, switch to the Snapchat application, and open the message or image that you want to capture.
Step 6: Tap on the blue camera button on the right side of the screen to capture a screenshot of the image being displayed. The Apowersoft Screenshot application will automatically open again and display your screenshot. The Snapchat application will be unaware of your screenshot, and no users will be notified that you have captured one.
Step 7: Tap the “Done” and “Save” buttons in the upper-left corner to add the new screenshot to your Android phone’s photo gallery.

The Apowersoft Screenshot application also includes editing tools, which let you modify colors, effects, and filters of your Snapchat screenshots. Apowersoft has a Support Page with help articles and other information about their applications. Comment down below if you’ve ever used Apowersoft to take Snapchat screenshots.

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