How to Turn on Predictive Text on iPhone 5

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The Apple iOS operating system includes a feature called Predictive Text, which uses the device’s language database and memory to guess what words you will want to type next. This article will describe how a user with an iPhone 5 can manually enable the Predictive Text functionality for use in text messages and other typing tools. Without further ado, let’s see how to turn on Predictive Text on iPhone 5 devices.

How to Turn on Predictive Text on iPhone 5

Follow the steps below to turn on Predictive Text on an iPhone 5’s keyboard settings.

Step 1: Press the home button at the bottom of the iPhone 5 to return to your main homescreen.
Step 2: Tap on the “Settings” icon to open the list of system settings that you can modify on your iPhone 5. The Settings app is illustrated by a gear icon.
Step 3: Choose “General” from the list of setting categories. It will appear just below the section that includes “Notifications” and “Do Not Disturb.”
Step 4: Scroll down the screen and tap on the row labeled “Keyboard.” It appears near the bottom of the list, just below the “Date & Time” option.
Step 5: Move the slider bar next to “Predictive” to the green “On” position. Predictive Text will now be enabled for all applications that support it, including iMessage, Notes, and Safari.

About Predictive Text on iPhone 5

You can disable Predictive Text on your iPhone 5 at any time by going back into the “Keyboard” settings menu and moving the slider bar to the “Off” position. Predictive Text on iPhone 5 is designed to improve over time as the iPhone learns your typing tendencies, so be patient as you begin using it. The various keyboard options are documented on Apple’s support website. Be sure to ask questions and share tips in the comments down below as you experiment with different keyboard configurations on your iPhone 5.

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