How to Turn on Subtitles on Apple TV

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Apple TV now supports third-party content services, such as Netflix and HBO Go, in addition to playing music, movies, and TV episodes from the iTunes Store. When watching videos, you can turn on the display of subtitles using your Apple TV remote. This article will explain how to turn on subtitles on Apple TV, for all generations of the device.

How to Turn on Subtitles on Apple TV: 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-Generation

Follow the steps below if you want to enable subtitles and are using a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-generation Apple TV.

Step 1: Make sure the Apple TV is powered on and connected to your TV via an HDMI cable.
Step 2: Start playing a video on the Apple TV, either from your saved library of movies and TV, or from a third-party app like Netflix or HBO Go.
Step 3: Hold down the middle “Select” button on your Apple TV remote for three seconds until the “Subtitles” menu appears on the right side of the screen.
Step 4: Use the Apple TV remote to scroll down through the list of available subtitle languages, and press the middle “Select” button to choose the desired language option.

How to Turn on Subtitles on Apple TV: 4th-Generation

Follow the steps below if you want to enable subtitles and are using a 4th-generation Apple TV.

Step 1: Turn on your Apple TV, and ensure it is connected to your television.
Step 2: Begin playing a video from your Apple TV library or an external application.
Step 3: Swipe down on the touch surface of the Apple TV remote. This will launch the “Info” panel on the screen.
Step 4: Swipe to the right on the remote’s touch surface to switch to the “Subtitles” menu.
Step 5: Swipe down on the remote to view the available subtitle languages, and then highlight the language of your choice.

Keep in mind that not all videos or video sources support closed captions and subtitles. With a 4th-generation Apple TV, you can actually customize the look and feel of the subtitles through the “Accessibility” settings menu. More information on subtitle options for Apple TV can be found on Apple Support. Share any questions that may arise as you test out the different subtitle features on your Apple TV.

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