How to Find What Song Is This

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Have you ever heard an amazing song on the radio and wanted to know what it was so that you could download it to your personal collection? This guide on how to find what song is this will show you the best ways and apps to figure out who’s singing that beautiful song.

How to Find What Song is This on Mobile Devices

You can make your life a whole lot easier if you download a mobile phone application that can assist you with figuring out the name of a song. Some apps are fun, because you can sing into the phone or hum the melody and then the application will find what you’re looking for. Other apps have features like tour date delivery, so that you can visit your favorite artist. Here are the top 3 apps to assist music enthusiasts:

  1. Shazam (Free, iPhone, Android, Blackberry). This app quickly and accurately identifies songs.
  2. Soundhound (Free, iOS, Android). Just hum the melody, or sing a few lyrics, and this app will identify it.
  3. musiXmatch (Free, iOS, Android, Windows Phone). This app helps you find the name of a song based on lyrics. It can also show you the lyrics while the song is playing.

Just download one app and install it on your device. If you prepare yourself with a reliable application now, then you will have your tools with you when it’s time to figure out that next tune you need to know the name of.

How to Find What Song is This on Your PC

Step 1: Write down at least one line of lyrics. You may also write down the artist’s name if you know it.

Step 2: Type the lyrics that you remember and Google them. You can add the term “lyrics” or the artist’s name at the end of the line of lyrics.

You may have a good experience and find the lyrics to the song you are trying to decipher right away. You may also run into a lot of remakes and hijacked song names.

Step 3: Just start clicking on videos and song clips until you hear what you heard on the radio or at the club.


Hopefully, this brief instructional piece has explained how you can find what song is this. Use the best apps, or just google the lyrics, if you remember them. Thus, you will never get stuck without song knowledge again.

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