Do Article Spinners Really Provide You With Unique Content?

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One of the challenges to affiliate marketers and websites in general is providing fresh and high quality content which makes both people and search engine robots coming back for more. While a few people undertake the task of writing their own content i.e. articles, blog posts, news releases etc. which in a perfect world everyone should do the whole exercise of writing your own content can be time consuming especially if you have more than one website.

Article Spinner Truth

Article spinning is something that many websites and blogs use in order to generate hundreds of new articles i.e. unique articles out of old articles without having to spend money on hiring a writer or spend time writing their own. You just need to throw together a few articles, spin a few lines around and the automated software can do the rest. Sounds simple! Well in reality this does not really work!

Whenever you are using software you can bet that the software has no regard for language, the software is based on a mixing algorithm that just randomizes the spun sentences and requires that you make sense of the rest. While spinning articles may work if you just want to load your blog or website with lots of trash or if you want to get lots of deadbeat backlinks the fact is that other than that you shouldn’t expect much.

Human beings VS Computers

Now if computers had credit cards, and were able to pay for whatever you were selling article spinners would be the best thing to use. However spun articles look crazy and people can tell that it is just the same content written over and over again and so they may just consider you a regular spammer looking to steal their payment information. Regardless of how good your products or services may be your credibility suddenly begins to dip several percentage points and it is going to dip more unless you do something about it.

If you want your articles to be fresh and read well you can chose to rewrite your own articles or hire a bunch of writers to do that for you. A human being can rewrite your articles in a way that makes it read differently and it won’t be flagged by search engines as duplicate content. However this takes time but this is the only solid and advisable way to get content for your business.

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