How to Export Chrome Bookmarks

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Chrome bookmarks, also called favorites, are useful time-savers. The functionality of Chrome bookmarks can be copied to other browsers, this is why exporting offers a fast way to access your saved bookmarks cross-browser on any device. This article will show you how to export Chrome bookmarks with an easy step-by-step guide.

How to Export Chrome Bookmarks for Windows

Export Chrome bookmarks
Export Chrome bookmarks instructions

In order to export your bookmarks, you’ll need to generate an HTML file that can then be used by another browser.

  1. Open Chrome, click on the More tab (three dots) on the top right side of your window and point your cursor to the “Bookmarks” menu.
  2. On the new menu, click on “Bookmark manager”.
  3. Click on the Organize menu at the top of the frame.
  4. Now click on “Export Bookmarks to HTML file…”.
  5. Choose a location for the file on your hard drive.
  6. Click the Save button.

How to Export Chrome Bookmarks for Mac

If you need to export your bookmarks out of Chrome in OS X, the process is very straightforward.

  1. Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Click on Customize and Control (three horizontal lines). You can find it on the top right side of the browser.
  3. Click on Bookmarks or Bookmark Manager
  4. Find the Organize menu at the top of the browser and select Export Bookmarks to HTML File.
  5. Set a filename and/or location.
  6. Select Save.

The process to export Chrome bookmarks is quick and easy. You now have an HTML file that you can use to transfer your bookmarks to another browser or device. Depending on the browser, you’ll have to locate the import wizard or function. If you’re migrating to another device with Chrome, it’s easy. Just go back to Bookmarks as above and choose Import Bookmarks and Settings. Then select the HTML bookmark file you saved previously.

For a faster Chrome browser navigation and accessibility regarding the bookmarks menu, check out this chrome shortcuts guide.

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