How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

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The only way to make a saddle in Minecraft is to make use of the environment. You cannot craft one with an iron forge, as you do with other items. As a result, you will need to find it, or get it by fishing or trading. This guide explains the methods for finding a saddle in Minecraft. Read the steps below carefully to find out how to make a saddle in Minecraft.

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

These methods do not work on all versions of Minecraft and platforms. However, they work on the following: PC, Mac, PE (Pocket Edition), PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, Education Edition, and Wii U. All you have to do is open the game and follow the steps outlined below to learn how to make a saddle in Minecraft.

Method 1: How to Find a Saddle in a Village

You can find a saddle in Minecraft by traveling through villages. Here’s how:

  1. Get yourself supplies of food and prepare for a long road.
  2. Villages can be found in the desert and grass biomes.
  3. Once you’re in one, you can start looking for tall buildings anywhere near.
  4. Once you’ve found such a building, it means you’re in a village.
  5. Start looking for chests in the village.

    Saddle in a chest example
    Saddle in a chest example
  6. If you find a saddle in one of them, add the saddle to your inventory.

Method 2: How to Find a Saddle in a Dungeon Chest

Looking for a dungeon chest is another way in which you can find a saddle in Minecraft.

  1. In order to find a dungeon, you need to start mining.
  2. Find a cave or just go underground. As soon as you reach a considerable distance, make your road ahead through the ground.
  3. When you hear a monster spawn sound, start looking around, it means a dungeon is close.
  4. You can identify a dungeon by its small size, and the fact that it contains a monster spawn and one or two chests.
  5. If you’re playing on a PC, use the Spectator mode to look for a dungeon, and then switch back to Survival or Creative mode.
  6. After you find the dungeon, kill the monster spawn.
  7. Open the chests and grab the desired saddle (if you can find one).
  8. Add the saddle to your inventory.Minecrat Dungeon

Method 3: How to Find a Saddle in the Nether Fortress

Here is how you can find a saddle in the Nether Fortress:

  1. If you’ve never visited the Nether Fortress before, build a Nether portal to take you there.
  2. Travel with the portal into the Nether and the Overworld.
  3. Make sure you are equipped with an armor and start exploring.
  4. When you see a structure resembling a castle, it means you found the fortress.
  5. Enter it and start looking for a chest (there might be several ones there).
  6. When found, open the chests and look for a saddle.
  7. If you can find one, add it to your inventory.Minecraft Nether Forest chest

Method 4: How to Find a Saddle in a Temple

This is a method that not many people prefer, because it’s one of the hardest. Nonetheless, it’s totally worth the effort.

  1. You can find a saddle in a desert temple or a jungle temple.
  2. A desert temple is partially or completely buried in sand. You can find one in the desert biome.
  3. If you come across one, look for the blue block made of clay located in the center of the floor.
  4. Dig it out to expose a secret chamber with four chests.
  5. Open the chests to look for a saddle.
  6. When you find one, add it to your inventory.
  7. A jungle temple typically contains two chests, but is also full of booby traps, so you have to be careful.
  8. If you’re willing to take the risk, open the chests, and add any existing saddles to your inventory.Minecraft Temple Chests

Method 5: How to Find a Saddle in an Abandoned Mineshaft

This is another method that is not extremely popular, due to its difficulty.

  1. Look for an abandoned mineshaft.
  2. This might contain several minecart chests, but it depends on its size.
  3. If you’re lucky enough to find a chest that contains a saddle, open it.
  4. Save the saddle to your inventory.Minecraft Abandoned Mineshaft chest

Method 6: How to Get a Saddle by Fishing

When fishing in Minecraft, you don’t just catch fish. You can also catch other items, such as saddles.

  1. Make yourself a fishing rod using the crafting table, two pieces of string, and three sticks.
  2. In order to increase your chances of fishing a saddle, you can use an enchantment, like the Luck of the Sea enchantment.
  3. However, getting this enchantment also requires luck, since you can trade for one or find one in a chest.
  4. If you have one, and you also have a rod, start fishing for a saddle.
  5. Fish in any type of water, be it artificially built or naturally generated.
  6. Once you’ve caught something, reel it in. Hopefully, it is a saddle.Minecraft Fishing

Method 7: How to Get a Saddle by Trading

Finally, you can also trade for a saddle, although you cannot do it in Minecraft PE. Here is how:

  1. Find a leatherworker villager (the one wearing a white apron).
  2. Make sure you have 9 to 16 emeralds to have the ability to purchase a saddle, as well as 8 to 10 emeralds to trade for it.
  3. You can find emeralds mining, in chests, or by trading.
  4. Once you have all the emeralds, open the trading window.
  5. With 2 to 4 emeralds, buy the leather pants, then close the trading window.
  6. Open it again and buy the leather tunic for 7 to 12 emeralds.
  7. Close the window again, then reopen it for the third time.
  8. Now, you should see the saddle.
  9. Purchase it for 8 to 10 emeralds.Minecraft Trading


If you still haven’t figured out how to make a saddle in Minecraft on all of the available platforms, it’s because the process can’t be done without actively searching for one. If you fail to find any of the places containing a saddle, consider making a vertical block to gain more visibility over the map. You should find the given places and grab the saddle in no time. If you know how to make a saddle in Minecraft using other tips and tricks, share your experience down below!

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