How to Reset Steam Password

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Steam is an online gaming platform that offers many games that can be played on Mac or Windows computers. When setting up a Steam account for the first time, you will be prompted to select an account name and password. You can change the password at any time, or reset it, if you forget it. Read on to learn how to reset Steam password on Windows and Mac.

How to Reset Steam Password for Windows

Refer to the steps below if you are a Windows user and need to update or reset your Steam account password.

Step 1: Launch the Steam app from the “All Programs” list in the Start menu.
Step 2: Go to the Steam menu, and select “Settings.”
Step 3: Navigate to the “Account” tab on the left side of the settings window.
Step 4: Click on “Change Password.”
Step 5: Type in your current password, and click the “Next” button. If you have forgotten your current Steam password, use the Steam Help page to recover it.
Step 6: Enter the email confirmation code you receive via email, and then enter your newly selected password twice.
Step 7: Click “Next” and “Finish” to complete the password reset process.

How to Reset Steam Password for Mac

If you are a Mac user and need to update or reset your Steam account password, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Steam application on your Mac computer.
Step 2: Open the Steam menu at the top of the screen, and choose “Preferences.”
Step 3: Highlight the “Account” tab on the left side of the preferences window.
Step 4: Click on the “Change Password” button.
Step 5: Enter your current password in the pop-up window, and click “Next.” If you can’t remember your current Steam password, the Steam Help page linked above will help you retrieve it.
Step 6: Wait for a confirmation code to be sent to the email address linked to your Steam account.
Step 7: Copy the confirmation code from the automated email into the empty field, and then choose a new password by entering it twice in the pop-up window.
Step 8: Click “Next,” then “Finish” to reset your password.


You can also change the email address associated with your Steam account from the “Preferences” window on a Mac, or the “Settings” window on a PC. After you change your Steam password, you will need to re-enter it on all other devices where you have the Steam app installed.

Refer to Steam Support for more information, and don’t forget to share any tips you have on resetting a Steam password down below.

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