Terms of Use

Introduction and Definitions

These Terms of Use shall be considered mandatory for any use of the Website and its partial or full content (the “Website”) by any person (the “User”), either as a private individual or a company. The use of the Website is also subject to our Privacy Policy. By freely choosing to use the website, the User agrees to respect all laws and regulations, local, federal, or international, which regulate any aspect connected to online activity, regardless of the User’s physical location, as well as these present Terms of Use.


Provision of Personal Information

  1. The Users need to provide their full name and e-mail when leaving a comment or sending a message, but they can use an alias if they do not want to give out their real name.
  2. Any such personal data can be subject to change, at the User’s convenience;
  3. Any personal data will be securely preserved and will not be disclosed to third parties, except in cases stipulated by Law;
  4. Personal data is handled by the Website in complete accordance with US legislation on data protection;
  5. The User will refrain from attempting to access, collect, or use any personal data belonging to other Website users;
  6. The Website takes the protection of personal data very seriously, and will diligently deploy manpower and technological resources in order to prevent it from being compromised;

Hacking and Intentional Damage

  1. Any type of hacking of the Website is expressly forbidden;
  2. The website reserves the right to pursue, by any legal means at their disposal, the cessation of any such activities and the punishment of the offenders;
  3. Any damage to the Website’s online content and infrastructure, and/or equipment is strictly forbidden;
  4. Any damage to the User’s device as a result of downloads is the User’s sole responsibility, and the Website cannot be held liable;
  5. Users are not allowed to use vulgar language, hate speech, racist, violent, pornographic, or otherwise offensive material.

Provision of Links

  1. Links to any page on our website may be provided on a page belonging to the User, only if the respective link does not entail any type of competition to the Website;
  2. Any link to the Website must not damage the Website’s reputation or imply any form of offense, hate-speech, malicious criticism, or anything else that could damage the Website’s reputation or the reputation of third parties;
  3. Any link to the Website does not translate into an endorsement of the respective page by the Website;
  4. The Website reserves the right to prohibit or ban the linking and/or quoting of its content;
  5. The User cannot state or imply any form of endorsement from the Website without express approval by Website staff;
  6. The User agrees to notify the Website concerning any link that could fall under the incidence of these Terms;
  7. All and any goods or services accessed or purchased by the User via a link on the Website, and any consequences thereof, are the sole responsibility of the User;

Use of Content

1. Concerning the Website’s content and staff, the User may not:

  • Alter content;
  • Copy, sell, or reproduce content;
  • Distribute, publish or publicly display content;
  • Use content for marketing and/or commercial reasons;
  • Harass staff for any reason whatsoever;
  • Harass users for any reason whatsoever;

2. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, the User may:

  • Use content for research or academic purposes, upon filing a request and receiving written approval;
  • Use the website for presentations and public events, upon filing a request and receiving written approval;

In addition, the User agrees to notify the Website regarding any improper use of the Website, or breach of these present Terms and Conditions. Upon contacting the website, the User will agree to offer full cooperation with the goal of reaching an amicable solution, if possible. Refusal to cooperate in these circumstances shall be seen as a breach of the present Terms of Use.


  1. The Website reserves the right to change these current Terms of Use as it sees fit. Users shall be notified of any and all changes. By continuing to use the website, you agree to all amendments of the Terms of Use;
  2. The Website reserves the right to change, remove, or edit content on the website without prior notification. The Website cannot be held liable for any loss of information and for any User misfortune caused by such an action;
  3. The Website cannot be held liable for deleting content provided by the User, nor for the temporary or permanent removal of one or all web pages, complete website deletion included;
  4. Comments posted by Users should be made in goodwill and must avoid offending other Users, third parties, or the Website’s staff. Despite every effort being made towards the removal of malicious comments, the Website cannot be held liable for any comments, works, adaptations, or disclosures which could be held as damaging to other Users or third parties;
  5. The Website reserves the right to block any User from accessing the Website, for any reason and without prior notice. However, this normally occurs only in case of a severe breach of these current Terms of Use;
  6. The Website cannot be held liable for incomplete or inaccurate content. The User is solely responsible for any and all misfortunes or injuries that may result from using the Website’s content;
  7. The Website devotes effort to making sure that all content is verified and valid. Notwithstanding, the sole responsibility for any consequence for the User, deriving from the use of the Website and its content, falls upon the User;
  8. All Users or third parties must obtain express approval before conducting any sort of lucrative or commercial activity that involves the Website;

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. The Website acts in full accordance with all Intellectual Property Legislation in force, and all its content is subject to the same legislation;
  2. All content rights are reserved, except those expressly granted;
  3. All content on this website is protected by international copyright laws.
  4. All granted rights over this content are either listed within these Terms of Use or must be obtained within the provisions of the Law.
  5. The User may not obtain any credit for content on the Website;
  6. You may use content for personal purposes, such as academic papers and research;
  7. Our Website takes intellectual property rights very seriously. The Website thus prohibits any action, by users or third parties, that could in any way infringe these rights;

Last Update: June 2018