How to Set Up CarPlay

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On a vehicle that supports Apple CarPlay, you can connect your iPhone, and use an iOS interface through your car’s touch-screen display. CarPlay can be used through either a physical USB connection, or a wireless Bluetooth connection. Available CarPlay apps include Apple Music, Apple Maps, and Apple Podcasts. We explain how to set up CarPlay in just 7 steps.

How to Set Up CarPlay

The steps below describe how to set up a CarPlay connection for the first time.

Step 1: Ensure your vehicle supports Apple CarPlay. You can check your car’s manual or use Apple’s list of supported models.
Step 2: Connect your phone to a standard iPhone USB cable, and plug it into your vehicle’s USB media port. Note that CarPlay can be used over wireless Bluetooth, but initial setup and configuration is easiest to perform through a USB connection.
Step 3: Turn on your car. CarPlay will function as long as the vehicle’s radio is on, but in order to charge your iPhone, your vehicle’s engine may need to be running.
Step 4: Navigate to the “Settings” application on your iPhone.
Step 5: Go to the “General” section of the menu, and then tap on “CarPlay.”
Step 6: Choose how you want CarPlay to connect to your vehicle. From the pop-up that appears, you can choose “Turn on Bluetooth” or “USB Only.”
Step 7: Wait for the connection to be established, and then tap on the model of your vehicle that appears in the “Available Cars” list. The CarPlay interface will now be displayed on your vehicle’s touchscreen.

Note that Siri must be enabled in order for CarPlay to work. If you have Siri disabled, you must turn it on through the Settings application before proceeding with CarPlay setup. After the initial setup is complete, you may need to press a button on your vehicle’s center console to launch the CarPlay interface. This button may be labeled “USB,” “Media,” or “CarPlay.” Apple offers a support article with basic steps for using CarPlay in your vehicle. Ask questions and share tips on how to set up CarPlay down below.

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